The Bridal Sweet Box
The Bridal Sweet Box
The Bridal Sweet Box
The Bridal Sweet Box
The Bridal Sweet Box

The Bridal Sweet Box

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On the big day you shouldn't have to worry about finding an extra bobby pin for that hair that's not cooperating, or a needle and thread to fix your friend's dress.  The Bridal Sweet Box has you covered. We've put together a collection of all the necessary items so you don't have to give it a second thought. 

Instead of purchasing standard size items and being left with tons of extras, our box includes just the right amount of the things you need.  We save you an inconvenient trip to the store and pass along the cost savings from the appropriate item count. 

All you need to do is buy the champagne!

What's in your box:

  • (1) mini-sewing kit with various thread colors
  • (1) deodorant
  • (1) pack of tissues
  • (3) jewelry wipes 
  • (2) nail files
  • (4) tampons
  • (1) pack of mints
  • (1) 4 pack of wisps 
  • (1) static spray
  • (1) hair spray 
  • (2) chapstick
  • (1) stain remover pen
  • (6) bandaids
  • (2) 8 packs of tums
  • (10) q-tips 
  • (6) double-sided dress tape
  • (14) safety pins
  • (20) bobby pins 
  • (1) mini pack of ibuprofen 
  • (12) drinking straws 
  • (6) shatterproof champagne glasses

Add a personalized note to your box once it's in your cart. We'll handwrite it!

If this box doesn't fit your needs, we're happy to work with you on a custom order. Reach out through our contact page.