About Us

How We Got Started
was created out of necessity when we were in the thick of wedding planning and realized how many little items we needed to buy. 

Sitting in our apartment surrounded by more bottles of sprays and packs of gum than we knew what to do with, we wished we could have purchased one box with all the items we needed. 

What We Offer
Carefully curated boxes with the appropriate amount of items you need to have a successful day or night. It's all in the details. We know from first-hand experience how many little things come up when planning for an event. Our goal is to give you a box with all the essentials so you can focus on bigger and better things. 

We'll always be adding new boxes, but if you have something special in mind, please let us know! We work with our clients to create fully custom boxes for all occasions. The only thing you'll have to do is pop some champagne! Email us at hello@box-ish.com or fill out the contact form.